My name is Mark L. Pederson and I am the Director of Technology at OFFHOLLYWOOD - a camera rental facility in Brooklyn, New York which is also the home to the Creative Solutions New York Showroom (CSNY).

I'm passionate about how technology changes how we make and consume moving images and I enjoy educating and evangelizing the tools, technologies and techniques that impress me. I'm also rarely shy about sharing with others how I really feel about something. I can't tell a short story ... but I have great stories.

This is my new blog - MegaPixels.io - which is intended to share news, viewpoints and tips on things I find interesting. I hope you like it. Share it if you do.

More About Me:

In 2003, I co-founded OFFHOLLYWOOD with Aldey Sanchez to help filmmakers use desktop based software tools for high definition workflows as independent filmmakers started navigating from celluloid to HD video. Remember when 10-bit uncompressed video on a desktop was cutting-edge and AMAZING ?

In 2009, we introduced QTAKE HD from IN2CORE, which is now become an "industry standard" and used on almost every major, tent-pole production around the world.

In 2007, the company acquired the first two 4K RED cameras and eventually transitioned to providing end-to-end 4K solutions for filmmakers by expanding post production services and creating a camera rental division focused on 4K. Yes, we were providing & evangelizing 4K a decade ago.

In 2013, we exited the post production services business and sold it's post operation to LightIron (now a PANAVISION Company).

In 2014, we began to experiment with designing and building some camera accessories for the RED's cameras driven by our own needs for our rental business.

In 2016, OFFHOLLYWOOD was acquired by The VITEC Group, becoming part of the Creative Solutions group and launched OMOD, a line of modules for RED's DSMC2 cameras which have been used around the world on productions such as Nexflix's Stranger Things 2. The company expanded it's rental facility located in Greenpoint Brooklyn and launched CSNY - the showroom for Creative Solutions brands (Teradek, Paralinx, Small HD, WoodenCamera and RT Motion) in New York.

I live in Manhattan with my wife and two sons. I listen to a lot of '80s heavy metal and new wave music. I love thrillers, film noir, horror and science fiction films. I love to cook and I'm especially fond of scotch, wine, pizza and sharing good stories and laughter.

I'm blessed to have many amazing and talented friends who constantly inspire me.

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