Teradek 703 Bolt

Phil Holland posted a snap on Instagram of the new Teradek 703 Bolt which was previewed at the Band Pro Open House event. The 703 Bolt integrates a Bolt RX unit into a SmallHD 703 monitor, creating an ideal solution for wireless hand-held monitoring on the set. Compatible with Bolt 500, 1000 and 3000 systems.

I'll have more details on pricing soon - but it will ship in January and there might even be special pre-order pricing. Subscribe to this blog to get notified when pre-orders begin.

At BandPro last night I saw one of the coolest fully integrated solutions coming very soon from Teradek and SmallHD. This is the 703 Bolt, which melds (welds?) The display and wireless video receiver into one unit. It also has real comfy handles, extra SDI inputs, battery plate, and rather nicely laid out built in cheese top and bottom. This will be part of a growing trend in 2018 on set where modularity meets consolidated components for some of the more common camera accessories. Combined with with Teradek's DSMC2 Bolt Module there will be a day where you won't have to think much, or more importantly, spend any time rigging wireless when you need it. This even has gear space ramifications. Now that RTMotion is "part of the family" I expect further optimization. #R3D

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Here's a couple snaps up close of the prototype -


Teradek 703 Bolt
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